Head of the FIU
The Governor



With the release of the FIUs website and the 2010 annual report, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen for his continual support for the FIU to overcome the obstacles facing the process of AML\CFT in Yemen. I also appreciate his efforts to insure the independence of the FIU. The FIU was established in Yemen on 13/04/2003, To carry out the local legislations and the international standards of the FATF in AML/CFT .Then the FIU was given all the necessary authorizations to be able to perform the tasks entrusted to it.

 Since then, the FIU has developed in many fields, in human resources filed, the FIU has enrolled a number of qualified employees, and in the technical filed, the FIU has developed some automated systems to improve the efficiency of its work.

Drown by the law, the FIU has put a mechanism to coordinate its efforts with the control and supervisory bodies to strengthen AML/CFT in Yemen. The FIU is also interested in strengthening its relations with organizations and working groups, in both regionally and internationally. The FIU makes sure that its members always participate in the training courses and international conferences to cope with the latest development in AML/CFT.

Finally, I would like to thank The Anti-Money Laundering Committee, the FIU members and the anonymous soldiers for their grate efforts in coordination and cooperation in the fight against AML/CFT in order to serve and promote Yemen to the highest levels among others.

 The FIU Chairman

Wadi Mohammed Al-Sada


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