Head of the FIU
The Governor




Drawn by the importance of AML/CFT, Yemen has enactment laws and established institutions and carried out institutional procedures in AML/CFT.

The issuing  of the AML/CFT law No.(1) for the year 2010 and its executive regulations and also establishing the financial information unit (FIU) as an independent unit, which considered to be as an important  step to build an effective system in the fight against AML/CFT .

Yemen is considered to be an effective member in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in which Yemen has participated in many conventions held by the FATF


 It is obvious, to all the authorities worldwide, that money laundering and terrorism financing are not only a threat to the economic system s stability in a country itself, but also a threat of the global economic stability. Because of the money laundering and financing of terrorism destabilizing of the financial systems, the AML/CFT was put among the top priorities of the international communities.

Our knowledge and experiences in AML/CFT is being developed by the day, and our goal is to reach a point where we can compete with the developed countries in the new effective methods in AML/CFT. And to achieve the greatest possible harmony with the international recommendations and standards by following the latest developments in this field.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their dedicated efforts in AML/CFT.


Central Bank of Yemen s Governor

Mohammed Awad Bin Humam


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